30 Pine Drive. Parry Sound, ON

Open: Mon, Tues, Wed, Sat, Sun: 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Thursday & Friday: 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 

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Great Food... Fast, Friendly Service... And the ONLY 13-Foot Selection of Condiments In Town!

When you're hungry, hurried and hankerin' for some good eats served with a cheery smile, come to Parry Sound's BEST fast-food take-out trailer - Kate's Kart.

Lets face it: You grab "fast food" because it's more convenient, and because your're in a rush, "on the run" - NOT because you don't appreciate good food. And that's why pleasing your palate is such a point of pride with us.

Here at Kate's Kart, "fast food" has to be both fast AND Food. TASTY food!

If you're anything like our many other patrons, you're going to absolutely LOVE our gourment sausages, hot dogs, juicy sirloin burgers, fresh-cut french fries, poutine (made with real probitioc curds to aid digestions!), fish and chips (Kate's own secret batter recipe and dill tartar sauce), cold drinks (like pop, juice and milk)  ... and more!

If you're gluten-intolerent, we've got you covered with our gluten-free selections ... and if you're living meat-free, we have vegetarian options, too!

 Is this the GREATEST line-up of condiments

you've ever seen?

When it comes time to "personalize' your meal, we give you the tools to really get creative and express yourself ... with a vast array of condiments stretching more than 13 feet! That's over 13 feet of tasty toppings to dress up your meal. (Can you imagine how many different combinations that allows for? You'd run out of room before running out of condiments ... but I'm sure you could easily eat here every day of your life and never have your burger or dog the same way twice!)

We've got all the old standby's, of course, like ketchup and regular yellow mustard. But if you prefer living (and eating) more adventurously, then load up on such exotic embellishments as tangy dill relish or wasabi mustard. (Now, THAT stuff has a kick to it!)

As Parry Sound's #1 take-out trailer, we've been satisfying hungry locals and tourist's for more than 14 years! But just because we top the pop charts around here, doesn't mean we're content to rest on our laurels, wallowing in the praise. No, sir! We are committed to constantly improving ... and your suggestions are our best guide. So...

Although we of course want EVERYONE who eats here to feel they got a great meal at a great price, and thoroughly enjoyed their experience ... if your're ever NOT happy with us, for any reason at all I hope you'll let us know - either face to face, or through our contact form here.

Where to find us...

Kate's Kart is located on the edge of the Canadian Tire parking lot, off Pine Drive, and OPEN DAILY 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Once you're close, you really can't miss us - you're sure to see our fire-engine-red trailer. And those mouth-watering smells of burgers, hotdogs, and poutine give away the fact that your'e almost there.

But ... if you DO need to view a map, you'll find one on our "Loaction" page, here.

(There's lots of room for you if you're driving an RV or pulling a trailer, too!)

By the way, if you're a dog owner, you'll be happy to know we're a VERY dog-friendly business. Feel free to bring Fido along and keep him with you while you sit and eat. (We try to keep a water dish topped up for the pooches - especially on the hottest days!)

Kids love us, too - and not just because of the great eats! They really seem to get a kick out of watching us cook their meal ... AND they appreciate the complimentary lollipops on the table. (Oh, who are we trying to kid? Lots of ADULTS enjoy those lollipops too!)

So when you're not just "hungry" but FUSSY-HURRY-HUNGRY, there's only one place in Parry Sound to go - and that's ...

Kate's Kart

Home of the 13-foot condiment line-up


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