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Freshly Cut French Fries (Gluten Free)  


Made from New Brunswick Russet Potatoes & Fried in Canola Oil


*We ONLY fry our Famous French Fries in our designated fryers*

Junior - Great size for a taste treat 3.50
Small - Just for me 4.50
Medium - Good for sharing 6.50
Family - Approximately 4 servings 8.00


POUTINE (Gluten Free)


 Cheese - Your choice of Thornloe cheese curds or shredded Monterey Jack served with our delicious Brown Gravy which is Gluten Free

Junior  - Makes for a nice little side 6.50
Small - Great for a meal just on its own 7.50
Medium - Good size for 2 people to share or if you are really hungry 10.00
Family - We call this the 2 hander 14.00


Wild-Caught Haddock & Fresh Cut French Fries


All fish is battered in Kate's own secret batter recipe and deep-fried in canola oil


(Includes your choice of Kate's Dill tartar sauce, Kate's House-made Broccoli salad &/or fresh lemon wedge)

2 piece Fish and Medium French Fries 17.00
1 Piece Fish and Small French Fries 12.00
Single Piece of fish only 8.00


From the Grill

Debrecziner/Hungarian Sausage - Mild or Spicy served on a sausage bun 5.00
7" All Beef Hot Dog served on a hot dog bun 4.00
7" Yves Veggie Hot Dog served on a hot dog bun 6.00
Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Made with real cheddar on Marble Rye bread 6.00


Burgers on a Toasted Brioche Bun


Includes your choice of Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, and/or Hellman's Regular or Chipotle Mayonnaise

6 oz. Premium Sirlion Burger - Made from 100% Sirloin 9.00
Canadian Peameal - This 40 year old recipe starts with fresh Canadian Pork 7.00
4 oz. Veggie/Vegan Burger Delight - This burger is made from soy protein 6.00
Prime Grilled Chicken Burger - Tender and Moist 7.50


More Gluten Free Choices

7" Gluten Free Hot Dog on a gluten free bun 6.00
Debrecziner/Hungarian Sausage (Mild or Spicy) on a gluten free bun 6.50
Canadian Peameal bacon on a gluten free burger bun (Your choice of lettuce, tomato, or Hellman's Mayonaise) 8.50
Prime Grilled Chicken Burger on a gluten free burger bun (Your choice of lettuce, tomato, or Hellman's Mayonaise) 8.50




House-made Caesar Salad - Romaine lettuce,Sugardale bacon bits, grated parmesan cheese, and packet of Hellman's Caesar Salad dressing


House-made Broccoli Salad, Sugardale bacon bits, red onion, shredded Monterey Jack Cheese with Kate's own salad dressing

Small Caesar or Broccoli Salad 6.00
Large Caesar or Broccoli Salad 8.00
Add grilled chicken breast (Gluten Free) 5.00



Canadian Peameal 2.00
Sugardale Bacon 2.00
Carmelized Onions 1.00
Brown Gravy - 4 oz serving (Gluten Free) 1.50
Cheese - Real Cheddar or Shredded Monterey Jack or Thornloe Cheese Curds 1.50


Cold Beverages

Bottled Water 1.00
Nestea Ice Tea 1.75
Canned Pop (Assorted flavours) 1.50
Orange/Apple Juice (Everfresh 300ml) 2.50
V8 Juice (354ml) 2.50
Milk 2 Go - White or Chocolate (325ml) 2.50





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